Improving Your Social Environment

What would society be like if it was easy to find an extraordinarily compatible spouse, lover, or just a true best friend?  What would society be like if it was easy to find a near-perfect job?  Please don’t imagine that current dating or employment services can do this.  Their primitive methods make them more of a menace than a help.  Even more of a menace is posed by malicious use of new software intended to satisfy these goals.


When I first wrote about this decades ago, computer dating and computerized employment services did not exist.  Instead of the mathematically valid methods I advocated at the time, when these services began to emerge they were based on trivial or invalid methods which just don’t work.

I maintain that what we have now are terrible.  Some may seem to work, for people who try hard enough to use them wisely, but I think they are actually harmful.  Even when they do work, they are trivial in comparison to my visions.  Even if they have vast numbers of users, they find the best from among hundreds, not millions.  They are incapable of taking advantage of the large space of candidates.

I continue to believe that we can do much better, that we can change society completely by giving ourselves a complete control over our social environment, something powerful and easy to use.  How to do so is written up on other pages, such as those for relationships and strengthening social networks.

Those websites and this one are part of a project to make society work for all people, everywhere.  It does not address economic matters, but inevitably when society is tightly linked by good social relationships, there will be less inequality.  As our social systems improve, so everyone’s life will get better.  Unless implementations of the new algorithms become readily available and threaten the very core of society.  We must work together to prevent that from happening.  That has become a newly added goal of this project.



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